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The Vision
9th Feb


The Vision

Along with our mission statement, our vision for The Lord’s Quilters ministry is not limited to help those inside the church, but outside too. We send our quilts and our prayer squares and whatever God leads us to do all over the nations. Our quilts and prayer squares are in the UK, Philippines, France, Honduras, Peru. Our missionaries have quilts and prayer squares to hand out to the folks they pray for. We can see “splinter groups” of The Lord’s Quilters springing up as churches allow us to bring our quilts and prayer squares to God’s altar. We see His healing anointing growing more and more in each of us as we submit ourselves to His leading.

As we offer each and every piece of cloth to God, on His altar, we are confident that He alone is Who people need. We can hug and touch people all day, but until they have had a “touch” from God, most things won’t change. God’s presence is introduced into households…He makes a way for healing, salvation and peace.

When we first started quilting, we quilted for the folks in the church, however, as we have progressed and prayed and listened to what God is saying, we have moved outside of the church where the hurting people are. Not being limited to the four walls of the church has done a couple of things. One…stretched our faith and two…stretched our resources.

God is our provider. He alone gets all the glory. We do make beautiful quilts, but it is not because we sew. It is all because He has taught us to be His servants and to trust Him.

Yes, our vision is big, but God is bigger.

To God be all the Glory!

— The Lord’s Quilters



Doug Calloway

2016-02-19 11:30:38 Reply

Beautifully stated. Beautiful work. Beautiful mission.

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