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Ministry and Quilting
12th Feb


Ministry and Quilting

I love Jesus. I also love to create quilts. Who would have ever guessed they went together? I never thought that God would use me in such an important way, but He is good at stuff like that. LOL

Some things I know about Him is that He wants to bless us. He wants us to trust Him and He wants us to be His hands. Sometimes, when I’m quilting and praying I don’t always have a person in mind for the particular quilt I’m working on, but He always does. He will get the person across my path eventually.

For instance, here last week, there was a young girl, 18 years old, with her 16 year old brother and 10 year old sister, on their way to school on a winter snowy morning. The young girl decided to pass the car in front of them and her car slid out of control, killing her youngest sister at the scene, and a week later her brother died in ICU. It is a very tragic accident, and we did send them each a prayer square. But God, He is always looking for a way to bless and bring His presence into someone’s life.

Yes, I am making a quilt for the young girl. As she gets physically stronger, she will need the comfort and the care of our Heavenly Father to get through life with her (new) reality. Please pray for Emily.

— The Lord’s Quilters

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