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A Further Introduction
18th Feb


A Further Introduction

A further introduction to who we are. First, my name is Doreen and I am the leader of the ministry of The Lord’s Quilters. I have a lot of help making this ministry successful. Although I do write the blog and manage most of the administrative tasks, I am not alone in this endeavor.

We are a 501c3 pending non-profit. Online, we have about 70 members in our Facebook quilting group. Most of the members contribute to praying over our projects, some do the quilting, and some donate the funds to see God’s vision through.

Bosco inspects each and every quilt that we do.


Along with our quilting Facebook group, we have a regular Facebook page. There is where I post updates and keep folks who are not quilters, but ministry partners, informed.

My mom, Roxanne, and I started this ministry as a way to help folks in our church, but we have expanded far beyond the church walls.

Doug, my brother, has been my biggest fan, as well as supporter, in our efforts to reach out and help others. Mom quilts and makes quilt tops and generally, “has my back” when things get overwhelming.

Gary, my beloved, runs my errands or chauffeurs me when I actually have to leave home. He has given up most of the house to the quilting bug and ministry.

Each week, I will feature one of my quilters. I am grateful to all who share this vision with me.

Thankfully His,

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