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The Next One
22nd Feb


The Next One

It seems that anytime we are working on a quilt and we know their “need”, we get emotionally invested. With that being said, when the quilt is finished, and has been prayed over, sometimes it is hard to move on to “The Next One”. We need a little down time. Truthfully, after working on Emily’s quilt, I have had a hard time getting started again.

Some things I do to help that “stuck” feeling is I have some quilting things that don’t take much thought; binding, straight stitch piecing, or string quilts. Linked here is a great teaching example for beginner basic straight stitching.


Right now I am working on a project (The India Project) that has been pieced and quilted (more on this project to come), and to be finished it just needs the binding and labeling. Binding is a task that doesn’t require a lot of thinking. After the miles of binding I’ve added to quilts, I’m not too bad at putting it on, and I don’t mind doing it. Some folks hand stitch the back of the binding on the quilt, I don’t hand stitch at all. I attach it to the back and then use a zig zag stitch to attach it to the front. Linked here is a resources that I found for how I connect the binding.

That’s it for now; today is about binding things, and planning the next step.

Thankfully His,


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