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The India Project
28th Feb


The India Project

I sent prayer squares to a former pastor friend and his wife as they left the ministry of preaching and went into the mission field. I hadn’t talked to them in a very long time, but The Lord put them on my heart to send to them each a prayer square. Via Facebook, I got a very nice thank you and long message informing me of what they are doing now. Along with that message was a request to help them to help some missionary pastors in India. This is what she said:

Thank you so much for remembering us in such a special way. It touched our hearts and was a great encouragement. Please tell your ministry partners how much we appreciate it. I was looking at your cross logo and got an idea – if you ever have time and if you would feel God leading you to do this, you know that we sponsor 13 low caste pastors in India who have no running water, toilets, or electricity. They meet in homes with small congregations’ day and evening, 7 days a week, traveling on foot or by bicycle from village-to-village. All-of-a-sudden, I thought how special it would be if they could carry a wall hanging, the size of what you sent us – about placemat size or a little larger with a ribbon or rope attached, of a cross. When they gather in their little hut, the pastor could use a stick pin (bulletin board tack) and hang up the cross wall hanging, signifying that this little house is now a worship center. I send a box to India every Christmas and I am always looking for something truly meaningful that could be mailed without a problem or major expense (well, it is always a major expense). Can you imagine how encouraging it would be to each pastor and congregation to receive something like this – especially if a picture of the sisters-in-Christ who made them were included with the gift. I’m not begging you to do this and I don’t mean to impose a duty on you, just passing it on – in case it would be something you would like to do. Once again, we are thrilled with the gift. Praise the Lord and keep up the good work in His Name.”


We will be finishing these wall hangings in the near future. It was God’s perfect timing because I had quilt-as-you-go blocks that I didn’t want to turn into a quilt. You can see on this link how these are made by clicking Quilt-As-You-Go project. I used these blocks and we are turning them into the “wall hangings” for these pastors. Catherine Sofikitis sent me some tiny crosses that we will stitch to the front, and Jennifer Parker is putting all the labels on the back. This is coming together nicely. What an honor to serve Him!


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