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Quilter of the Week: Roxanne
3rd Mar


Quilter of the Week: Roxanne

Our first Quilter of the Week is one of our parishioners, Roxanne.

About Roxanne

Hi, my name is Roxanne Erickson, I live in Muskegon Michigan, and I have been quilting for seven years. I started in 2010 with The Lord’s Quilters because our Pastor was in a motorcycle accident and Doreen felt that God wanted us to make him a healing quilt. I love it how God has shown himself strong by the healing He has done through this ministry. I have been involved through the beginning of The Lord’s Quilters and will continue.

I love the thought of making something for someone to find warmth and comfort. I have made baby quilts for Patchers at the Lakeshore who give to organizations who need them.

I have a lot of favorites! So if I had to pick one I would pick the T-shirt quilt I made for a friend.



The reason why I have joined The Lord’s Quilters is simple: God is working through this ministry to heal, comfort and to change lives.

I believe God’s healing anointing is upon every quilt and miracles are happening.

God Bless,

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