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  It's a beautiful place with beautiful people with beautiful hearts! 

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 Love this ministry, it's mission and it's ministers !



This group is dedicated to the power of prayer and transformation through their gifts from the Holy Spirit; they are bringing the love of Jesus to many through their grace filled quilts. 



I love this ministry! Any time someone I love is sick or injured, I always offer them a Prayer Square or a quilt, so they can have the power of prayer with them in a tangible way. If you or someone you love is hurting, I hope you will reach out to us and let us help. 



I have great admiration for their hard work. It is certainly a worthy cause and the members are a wonderful bunch of people. 

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Do you feel compassion for prayer? Are you led by The Holy Spirit to pray for others? We would love to have you! Please see our: "How I can help" page.

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Speaking about the Prayer Cloth Bundles


As a community service chaplain ...cog. I was introduced to the prayer cloths... at the Unity Christian music festival. I gave some out as a point of contact for people’s faith right where they are. Letting them know there is no power in the prayer cloths itself but it is something to hold on to as a reminder of the faith in the healing power of Jesus Christ. WOW!  Was I surprised to hear of so many testimonies of healing, strongholds of soul wounds, cancer, (some stage 4!) some people received peace.. focusing on the Lord, holding the prayer cloth. These are priceless...using them in hospitals... nursing homes, just out and about praying for people even just at the channel at Lake Michigan. God uses different giftings all the time. Some quilt,, some do what I do . Professional visitor… wherever the Lord brings me.. He’s the giver of all GIFTS.

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